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Upspace is the app where the top health leaders guide and grow their communities.



You’ve built a following. It’s clear that you can help people, and people want your help.

Now you can take the next step and build a community full of genuine people and deep, meaningful relationships, all geared toward the same goals.



You’ve been asked for more. People believe in your stuff and are willing to pay for it.

Now you can provide unmatched value at an affordable price for the same amount of effort, whether it’s for 20 people or 2,000.



You’ve built this powerful ‘thing’. You’ve found your calling. You’re positively impacting tons of people. You’re doing what you love to do.

Now it’s time to turn this ‘thing’ into an asset that can be leveraged and scaled.

Our mission

is to boost the collective health,

happiness, and love of the human race

by making healthy a lifestyle.